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[ówt krì] is the phonetic writing of the word "Outcry".
[ówt krì] is also the main creative output for Helsinki native Kenneth Kovasin.

Kenneth’s musical history began in the early stages of the 21st century when he got hold of an Ibanez electric guitar.
The first musical compositions showed very little originality nor vision, but this would change dramatically By the year 2005.
Once expanding the musical horizon from metal to drone doom , ambient, contemporary classical avant-garde and minimalism Kenneth was offered stimulants and inspiration for forming the concrete base for [ówt krì].

From there on the musical compositions of [ówt krì] have been an ongoing journey in a living and breathing fairytale.
The story reached a new high in 2013 when American indie-label Alrealon Musique reached out with an offer to release the debut [ówt krì] CD "The New Seed (ALRN041)".
Further progress happened in 2014 when [ówt krì] performed live for the first time in Helsinki,
since [ówt krì] has performed in multiple cities both in Finland and abroad.

On my recordings I have had the honour and pleasure to work with several talented people,
Topi Reta, Black Saturn, Quantum Prana, Toni Viitanen, Sounds from the Marshes, Jyn Yates, MathGEN, Sergei Tumanov, Heikki Lindgren, Utu Lautturi, Astroschnautzer, FyKTH, S1gns of L1fe, Seth Madison, Scott Lawlor, Dan Swanö, Alrealon Musique, Sombre Soniks, Erototox Decodings and format noise among others.

I have been awarded the chance to play events with
EMG Lux Ohr, Utu Lautturi, Umpio, Sarana, Bruzgynai, dinMachine, The Use, mNIPK, A Murder of Angels, Speak Onion, Valerie Kuehne, Mind over Matter Music over Mind, Xambuca, Anthony Pirog, Satanoid, Tony Gerber, Pas Musique, Kumea Sound, Edge of Decay, 0+Q, Haare, Tatsuru Arai, Petri Kuljuntausta, Tommi Keränen, Jukka Hautamäki, Kolmiotaajuus

[ o w t k r i ]
[ o w t k r i ]
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