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[ówt krì] is the main creative project for Kenneth Kovasin, a self-taught sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Its first digital release was published in 2006, and the flow of music has kept steady ever since. During its first years [ówt krì] created and released a number of online- and CDr-releases, and took part on a multitude of compilations.

Come year 2013, and the project took a giant leap further. Alrealon Musique published [ówt krì]'s debut CD-release "The New Seed", which introduced the project to much greater attention and appreciation than before. The rolling snowball kept on growing, and already in 2014 [ówt krì] played its first live show in Finland and a couple of shows on the east coast of the US. The smaller-scale releases of 2014 (published on cassette and digitally) showed the artist pushing the boundaries of his creative expression, and demonstrated that his creative hunger was far from satisfied.

Some more shows followed, including a sound exhibition in LéSPACE, Helsinki. This didn't keep Kenneth from recording as well, and it was already during late 2015 that [ówt krì]'s second CD-album became reality. The album called "Pilgrimage" was published by Erototox Decodings in beautiful digipak packaging. As icing on the cake, the album's soundscapes were perfected by the mastering of Dan Swanö, the artist's long-time musical hero.

In 2016 [ówt krì] took to performing live more than ever before, playing multiple shows in Sweden and Estonia in addition to domestic performances. He's played a multitude of domestic shows in 2017-2018 as well, including many events that Kenneth was the co-organizer for.

As of recorded material, [ówt krì] had again focused on digital releases, including a collaborative album with Scott Lawlor in 2016 and the album "Psychological Warfare" published by Sombre Soniks in 2017. His latest release is called Roihupurkaus, which consists of collaborative material between [ówt krì] and Saliatahn recorded in a live setting. The album was published digitally by Sombre Soniks in May 2018.

In November 2018 [ówt krì] released a 3rd CD, a self-released album, "Ximenes" through his Bandcamp page.

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